Why ICF?

We can break the cycle of poverty. We guarantee our supporters that over 80% of charitable donations will be used directly in our international programs.

For close to 20 years, International Children’s Foundation (ICF), a non-profit organization, has led the fight against poverty setting thousands of people free from the shackles of extreme poverty.

We address not just the symptoms, but solve the root causes of poverty.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure your donation makes a difference, giving children and their families the healthcare, education, safe drinking water, and opportunities they need to succeed on their own.

Our Approach

ICF recognizes that children don’t live in isolation. They are part of a family and community, and in order to improve the life of one child, we must restore parents’ abilities to care and provide for their children.

Our goal is not to address just the symptoms, but the root causes of extreme poverty.

Where We Work

ICF provides help to children and families living extreme poverty in 8 countries, regardless of religion, race or nationality.