Our Approach

children gathered by makeshift shelters

For more than 20 years, International Children’s Foundation has led the fight against poverty one child, one family, and one community at a time – breaking the cycle of poverty and replacing it with a cycle of self-reliance.

More than 80 per cent of charitable donations will be used directly in our international development programs around the world. We guarantee it.

We believe that all children regardless of their religion, race, or gender are created equal.

We strive to provide children with access to clean water, education, healthcare and nutrition, and a chance to earn a living.

Our goal is to teach children and families of all faiths to be self-reliant by working with local communities, other NGOs and local governments.

To make the best use of supporters’ money, and increase our impact on the greatest number of children, we focus our efforts in five priority areas:

  1. Providing Healthcare
  2. Education & Training
  3. Providing Water and Sanitation
  4. Supporting Micro-enterprise development (MED)
  5. Self Sustainability

These five sectors directly impact the fundamental causes of on going poverty. These sector programs are community based, grassroots, and participatory initiatives, guided by a vision of long-term sustainability. Equally important is our capacity-building process that emphasizes the training and development of local workers.